ITS MORE THAN CURB APPEAL. ITS A STATEMENT OF PROGRESSIVE INTENT REPURPOSED LOFT TYPE SPACE IN A MID CENTURY MODERN EICHLER HOME THE PRICELESS LUXURY OF REDWOOD CEILINGS.  PLUG IN HYBRID THE TWO STORY ADDITION ARTISTICALLY COMPOSED. KITCHEN ON WHEELS TO FLEX WITH THE SEASONS. COVE LIGHTING RIGHTLY RETURNS TO THE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT INSPIRED EICHLER LOFT LIKE LIVING Authenticity restored. USELESS ATTIC RE-PURPOSED AS LOFT LIKE DINING AREA Inside and outside communion A kitchen warm with color and natural materials The essential Eichler elements remain but are refined and upgraded. EFFICIENCY CREATES SERENITY Materials composed as if the house were a fine art canvas A new interpretation of California Modern using contemporary and vintage furniture STEAM PUNK LOFT IN SOMA OUT SIDE THE BOX PRODUCT DESIGN M110 Modern Furniture Design Prefab for Swan Creek Streamline modern at home everywhere. The space is ever present but must be defined by forms to be appreciated. Landscapes that look good in the winter Finding loft like space that was hiding in the attic. Modern warmth Rendering an Eichler to accenuate its essential features Reinventing an Eichler living space while  preserving its California Modern pedrigree Custom furniture to make the best use of space, EDWARDIAN MODERN FUSION FOR THE 21TH CENTURY A process of illumination Taking a ranch house where it has never gone before.... Backyard office Pod