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• formerly Greenmeadow Architects •

Schwarzberg Residence:

“Plug in Hybrid,” ATOMIC RANCH, 2011

“Distinctive Doors,” California Modern, 2011

Fredericson Residence:
“Atriums,” California Modern, 2011

Seybold House:

“MacBook Air Commercial”, Apple web site and TV commercial location. 2010

“Open to the Outdoors,” Sunset, April 2007, pp.

“ikea Hacks”

Paulen Residence:

P.A.S.T Preservation Award 2008

Adams House:

P.A.S.T Preservation Award 2007

“Graphic Revamp,” Sunset, February 2007, p. 50.

“Eco-Friendly Driveways,” Palo Alto Weekly, March 2, 2007.

“Green Driveway,” New York Times, May 4, 2006.

“Hyper Eichler: Going High Tech in Silicon Valley,” Atomic Ranch, Spring 2006, p. 38-47.

Deierlein House:

“I Love This Place,” Palo Alto Daily News, March 2005.

Eco-Stream: 1962 Airstream travel trailer renovation

Havens and Hideaways, Jo Denbury, 2002, pp 88-99.

Rural Escapes, Bo Niles, Sep 2002

“Roadside Attraction,” Metropolitan Home Magazine,- Jan/Feb 2001, p.80.

“Aluminum Fever,” San Jose Mercury News, January 15, 2001, p. B1.

Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance, 1999 and 2000

Dow House:

Metropolitan Home Magazine Award Winner 2001

“A Family Affair,” Metropolitan Home Magazine, – Jan/Feb 2001, pp. 82-84.

“Old Modern Houses with Futurist Ideals” , New York Times, November 16, 2000, pp. F1-F6.

“Kudos to Eichler Design,” Palo Alto Weekly Home+Garden Design, July, 2001.

“Hiding in Plain Site” , Jetset Modern

Henke House:

Metropolitan Home Magazine Home of the Year 1999

“I Love This Place,” Palo Alto Daily News, August 2005.

“Ranch Dressing,” Metropolitan Home Magazine, Jan/Feb 1999, pp. 92-95.

“Winning Look,” San Francisco Chronicle Home, Jan. 6, 1999, p. 1.

“Updating the Eichler,” Palo Alto Weekly – Home, Jan. 29, 1999, p.1.

“Modernist Mentality,” Remodeling Magazine, Nov. 1999, pp. 60-61.

Scott Street House: PAST Preservation Project of the Year 1998

“Seeing Into the PAST,” Palo Alto Weekly, May 8, 1998, p. 1-3.

Mark J. Marcinik House Palo Alto :

Metropolitan Home Magazine Home of the Year 1996

“Back to Utopia,” Metropolitan Home Magazine, Jan/Feb 1996, pp. 78-81.

“Unique Local Home Wins Prize, Palo Alto Daily News, Dec. 16, 1995, p.1-2.

“Design for Living,” Habitat, San Francisco Examiner, Jan. 17, 1996, p. 1-2.

“Preserving the Architecture of the ’50’s,” San Francisco Chronicle, Peninsula Edition, Jan. 5, 1996, p.1.

“Eichler Fixer-Upper is Home of the Year,” Eichler Network, Winter 1996.

“Thoroughly Modern Marciniks,” Palo Alto Weekly , Feb. 2, 1996, p. 1-3.

“Rancho Deluxe,” SF Examiner Magazine, Nov. 3, 1996.

“Tract Stars,” Los Angeles Times Magazine, Jan. 14, 1996, p. 21-25.

“Radical Chic,” Spazio Casa, Nov., 1998, pp.141-145.

4135 Briarwood and 4046 Ben Lomond Greenmeadow Eichler Homes:

Design for Living, Jerry Ditto, Chronicle Press, 1995, pp. 64-67, 104-107.

Mark J. Marcinik St.Charles St. House San Francisco : Metropolitan Home Magazine Award Winner 1988

“Modern Maverick in a Material World,” Metropolitan Home, March 1988, pp. 94-96.

Contemporary Details, Simon-Schuster, 1994.

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Freewheeler Chair

“Marketplace,” Contract Design, May 1998, p.60.

“Workspaces That Go With You,” Contract Design, Oct. 1998, p. 43.

“Think Again” Contract Design, Nov. 1998, p. 22.

Think Fast Chair

“Weathering a Brainstorm” Interior Design, August 1996, p. 56.

“Fetish Lug” Wired Magazine, May 1997, p. 64.

“What’s New: Office on wheels”, Popular Science, May 1997, p. 29.

“Think Again” Contract Design, Nov. 1998, p. 22.

California Wall Mounted Oil Lamp

“Best Bay Area Designers,” San Francisco Focus Magazine, July ‘89, p. 49.

“World Pulse,” Axis Design Quarterly, Autumn 1989, p.33-021.

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Sport Fertility Vehicle, HERE Studio – 2000

Alternate Design Award for Furniture, American Institute of Architects, 1996

“Ground Zero,” Palo Alto Weekly , Aug. 30, 1996, p. 28

Second Prize for “Wise Old Man in the Cave,” Steelcase System 9000 Competition, 1992

Spirals Gallery “For the Birds” Show, March 1992

1992 American Institute of Architects, Honor Award for Rucker-Fuller Furniture Showroom

1992 Dupont Design Award for Rucker-Fuller Furniture Showroom

Mobile Alabama City Hall Competition -1990

First prize for “Meat Substitute,” Gambel Garden Competition 1990

Architects and Designers for Social Responsibility “Shelter” Competition

Intersection for the Arts Facade Competition

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Mitchell Park:

“California Peril” , Landscape Architecture, Aug. 1999, pp. 16-18.

“Saving Grace,” SF Examiner Magazine, May 16, 1999, pp. 84-85.

Eichler Houses:

“Eichler Houses, Innovation Continuing into the Present,” Axis Magazine, vol. 124, December 2006, pp.72-77.

“New Generation Delighted by Eichler Homes”, San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 27, 2000, Jan. 24,2001.

“Back to the Present : Eichler Homes: Modernism at Its Best,” San Diego Tribune, Dec. 10, 2000.

“Vanishing Eichlers” San Francisco Chronicle June 8, 2000.

“Old Modern Houses with Futurist Ideals” , New York Times, November 16, 2000, pp. F1-F6.

“Structures,” San Jose and Silicon Valley Business Journal, Sept. 17, 1999, p. 18.

“In Living Color,” Home, San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 28, 1996, p. 5.

“Place for Values” Peninsula Times Tribune, August 12,1992

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“A Celebration of Eichlers: Greenmeadow at Fifty,” Palo Alto Historical Association, Nov. 7, 2004.

Greenmeadow Community FIftieth Anniversary Home Tour, 291 Parkside, 318 Parkside, 385 Parkside, 3962 Nelson Court, Oct., 2004

A Stroll Through Greenmeadow, PAST Preservation Week, May 16, 2002

Greenmeadow and Marcinik Residence Tour

American Society of Architectural Historians, Oct. 24, 2001.

Greenmeadow Tour

Palo Alto Architecture & Preservation Week, May 8, 2001.

Innovative Eichlers

Palo Alto Historical Association Lecture, April 2, 2000.

Eichler Lecture, Interior Designers Association, July,1999.

SF Museum of Modern Art Tour, Aaron Betsky + Design Forum, June 1999.

Palo Alto Centennial Home Tour, 4135 Briarwood , April 1994.

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HGTV Indoor Outdoor Bathroom, Winter 2006.

HGTV Special, “Old Homes Restored,” April, 2000.

$129,000. Eames Chair Article, PAST Newsletter, January 2000.

“Young Preservationists,” PAST Newsletter, April, 1999

Bay Area Backroads TV show, “Palo Alto – Eichler Homes,” Spring 1999.

“Modern Antiquities,” PAST Newsletter, January 1999

“Save This Building,” Palo Alto Medical Foundation letter, PA Weekly,11/3/95

“Architectural Treasures,” Palo Alto Weekly

“House of the Century,” for House Beautiful,”1950’s Eichler Homes, A Modern Vision of Utopia” (appreciation and restoration),1996

“Interior Urbanism” article, Architecture of the Electronic Age

Absolutely Real Estate TV show – Eichler Homes, January, 1995, (K. C.)

Greenmeadow – 40 year Legacy of Modern Residential Design Video – 5 part series, 1994, production assistance and guest appearance

(Mark and K. C.)”Architecture of the 1970’s” article for PopVoid 2, 1990

“Mod Architecture of the 1960’s “

Dave Swan’s Doghouse -production assistance and guest appearance, (Mark), 1990.

“What’s Wrong with San Francisco?” Dave Swan’s Doghouse- guest appearance (Mark),1990.

Voice Farm / Oblong- Rhonda dance troupe and The Bay Area’s Best Band, 1987-1988, (Mark).

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Centerline Table Series: occasional tables – Martin Brattrud Furniture -1999

Wildwood Chair: upholstered chair- Martin Brattrud Furniture -1999

Mobile TV Unit: TV Monitor Cabinet – MOZ Design -1998

FreeWheeler Chair: upholstered chair- Martin Brattrud Furniture -1998

Warwick Chair: upholstered waiting chair- Martin Brattrud Furniture -1995

Over+Under table: recycled newsprint and soybean table, KI (Kreuger International) 1995

CrossDream Table: recycled milk bottle plastic, steel and wood occasional tables, MOZ Furniture 1994

Ionic Table: glass, plywood and aluminum console table, Moz Design, 1994

ThinkFast Chair, Upholstered lounge work chair Martin Brattrud Furniture

Walking Dream Table: colored wood and steel dining table

TANK TOP: colored wood storage shelf-1990

MAMA MAMA: three section wood and metal screen-1990

RoboToast: Black and Decker “toast to the Future” Competition- 1988

Structural Laminate Display System : Wilson Art Plastics Competition1989

Four States of Grace Lamp: iron, sandblasted glass and parchment lamp

Zipper Curtains: American Craft Guild 1988 Design Award

Zinc Portfolio Covers: galvanized steel and black rubber

Hall Tree: iron and colored wood coat rack-1989

Iron Bed: iron bed with circular ,perforated ,aluminum shelf -1989

Seattle Video Viewing Bench: distressed wood ,iron, upholstery

Earthquake Detecting Shelf: painted pine wood and corrugated aluminum-collection of James Thompson

Sled Bed: wood and iron bed-1986, Metropolitan Home Magazine 3/88

Hall Lamp: metal and glass suspended lighting fixture -1988

-Collection of B.Lobb-

X Y Z Sink Cabinet: wood, plastic laminate-1986

Satellite Shelf: steel tubing and perforated masonite storage pod-1988

Circuline Truss Lamp: shown in Metropolitan Home Magazine

Horizontal file cabinet: wood and corrugated aluminum -1987

California Wall Mounted Oil Lamp: SF Focus Magazine Best Bay Area Designers Award, exhibited at Jeremy Stone Gallery, featured in Axis Design Quarterly ( Japan )

Architectural Medallions: Berkeley Art Museum Store 1987-1990 and Gallery of Functional Art in Santa Monica – 1990

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